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About Darjeeling

So how do you define the place Darjeeling?

  In short, it's all about magnificent views of snowcapped Kanchenjunga, torrents flowing down the mountain slopes, lovely tea gardens, landscapes with firs, pines & ferns, and all that combined with friendly people and modern yet colonial charm.
Name darjeelinh  

Why the name Darjeeling?

  Did it ever strike you in the first place how the name Darjeeling was coined? Well there are several stories behind the name. The most popular is the one that says that Observatory Hill (located behind the Mall) which is the highest point in Darjeeling town, attracted lots of lightning and thunders. This is particularly so during the monsoon season. The word 'Dorji' in Tibetan means 'Thunderbolt' and 'Ling' means 'Place'. Therefore Darjeeling was so named to mean 'The place of thunderbolt'.
Location of Darjeeling  

Location of Darjeeling

  Darjeeling is part of the state of West Bengal in India and located at the northern part of the state. The red marker in the map shows the location of Darjeeling town. You can expand the map and take a closer look of the place. If you are looking for the coordinates (i.e. Latitude and Longitude) of Darjeeling, it is: 27°3'N 88°16'E.